Wedding Photography FAQs

We're booked- GREAT! What's next??

You've submitted the Retainer Fee, you've signed the contract... what can you expect? Here's a look at what's happening until the big day, and some thoughts to consider while planning.


Between now and your wedding day, please don't hesitate to ask any questions or bounce any ideas off me. I've seen a lot, so I'd be happy to offer any advice about photography or wedding planning in general. If you need me to taste-test any cakes, I'd be happy to. I won't try on any dresses.

1 month before your Wedding Day

  • You'll get an invoice for your remaining balance. That's due on or before two weeks prior to your wedding.

2 weeks before your Wedding Day

The week of your Wedding Day

  • We'll talk over the phone 2-3 days before your wedding and I'll use the Wedding Day Information Sheet you submitted as a reference to go over the plans for the day. This is also the time to ask any last minute questions.

The day of the Wedding

  • Eat something, have fun, and relax! The big day is finally here and all the planning is over! Depending on our schedule, I'll be there 60-90 minutes before the ceremony.

10 Days - 2 weeks after your Wedding

  • I'll usually have your images back to you within 2 weeks, but keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram- I'll be posting teasers!

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't worry about the weather-It's literally the only thing out of your control. Crazy weather often makes for incredible photography!
  • Don't ask everyone to join in on formals- formals usually involve immediate family members and the wedding party (parents, siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen). We'll work from a list to get different combinations as efficiently as possible, and there will always be opportunities for group photos later in the evening.
  • Don't over do it the night before.
  • Don't put the dress on early! You'll get hot, you'll have to pee...wait until 20 minutes or so before the ceremony to get the dress on, and start the ceremony a fashionable 5-10 minutes late. (There will be late-arrivals).
  • Do have something to eat. It's a long day and you need to eat and stay hydrated.
  • Do break in your wedding shoes.
  • Do relax- if you're stressed, you'll look stressed in the photos.
  • Do consider getting ready at the venue. This makes life easier by limiting travel time.
  • Do consider a cell-phone free ceremony. It's HARD to walk down the aisle with 50 camera phones pointed at you. You don't know where to look, they clutter the composition of the photos, and you want people to be present and in the moment.
  • Do consider defining a dress code. No matter the dress code, just make sure guests know what is, and what's not recommended to wear.
  • Do leave enough time for hair and makeup. I had a bride who was 90 minutes late for her ceremony because she underestimated the time required.
  • Do get ready to have the best day of your life!